Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Adam Grupp

Photo of Adam Grupp

Business Administration; Law


2005 Fellows

Travel Locations: Japan, Australia, India, Egypt, Italy, Brazil

Grupp is particularly eager to encounter live music performance as an experiential phenomenon.

Alumni Reflections

What is a favorite memory from your Bonderman?

“If I had to pick one favorite memory, it was sitting in with an all-Filipino dixieland band at a jazz bar in Hong Kong called Ned Kelly’s Last Stand. You couldn’t recreate a more perfect moment, emblematic of the experience I sought to have on my fellowship — using live music performance as a vehicle for cross-cultural communication. Also the food was pretty good too.”

What are you doing now?

“Today I’m an executive coach and an educator. I spent years working in technology before listening to the little voice telling me to build something of my own. I still love to travel, and when I do, my focus is far more on “being” than “doing”…a perspective I highly recommend to other travelers.”