Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Aislyn Orji

Photo of Aislyn Orji

Master of Public Health (Health Metrics & Evaluation)


2021 Fellows

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Travel Locations: Senegal, Morocco, Kenya, Japan, Indonesia

Aislyn has always been deeply curious about the dominant narratives often expressed about people and places, and the core societal tenets that influence these narratives. 

In her travels, Aislyn is excited to take a look at traditional and emerging views of community, success, history, race/ethnicity, gender, leadership, language, and art. She hopes to understand how these are intertwined, and what their role is in creating within-country and between-country power dynamics. Aislyn will strive to form a deeper understanding of how people can effectively and equitably live together, and how bridges can be formed between groups with core tenets that seemingly differ. Aislyn’s itinerary includes Senegal, Morocco, Kenya, Japan, and Indonesia.