Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Alex Win

Environmental Science and Resource Management with Departmental Honors


2010 Fellows

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Travel Locations: Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Turkey, Panama, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica

Win’s interest in the environment extends beyond the classroom and into volunteer positions with EarthCrop, the Seattle Aquarium, and the Urban Horticulture Library. Through traveling, Win wants to see the fish, wildlife and natural landscape he’s sen seen on television growing up. He plans to explore the jungles to find the bright and deadly frogs of Panama, snorkel the dwindling colorful coral reefs in Indonesia and Belize, feel the hot sand between the toes in the deserts of Gobi, and see the ever growing cities of China. His trip is structured around learning about the social, cultural, and financial impediments present in various landscapes and societies to see how they might hinder conservation efforts and find ways to balance the immediate needs of the people with the needs of the wildlife.