Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Allison Rollins

Photo of Allison Rollins

Biochemistry with College Honors


2016 Fellows

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Travel Locations: Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Israel, Chile, Peru, Argentina

Travel Objectives: Whether biking in the Andes Mountains, or practicing yoga near the Ganges, Allison desires an experience that is off the beaten path, far from tour buses and people of her own cultural background. Allison hopes this immersion will challenge her world views, while also expanding her understanding of global culture and its ancient ties to religion. She plans to examine the many aspects of humanity’s connection to a God or gods, histories of violence and beauty inspired by religion, and the ways in which we incorporate spirituality into modern cultural identity. She will travel overland as much as possible, using local methods of travel, while engaging with new people and experiences along the way. She will be traveling to Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Israel, Chile, Peru, and Argentina.