Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Angelia Miranda

Photo of Angelia Miranda

International Studies; Philosophy with Departmental Honors


2019 Fellows

Hometown: Kent, WA

Travel Locations: Turkey, Mongolia, China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Argentina, Chile

Angelia has shaped her itinerary to trace a path alongside local celebrations of cultural, religious, and historical importance. She is excited to experience these celebrations as well as the daily rhythms of life in diverse and new settings. This will be her first significant international journey since immigrating to the US as a young girl.  As an aspiring advocate in public policy and law, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of those whose backgrounds and identities differ from her own in order to better defend those in the world who are marginalized, underserved, and misrepresented. Angelia also hopes to discover sources of human resilience in the face of economic, geographic, and cultural challenges. Angelia hopes to travel to Turkey, Mongolia, China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Argentina, and Chile.