Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Ashley Bush

Photo of Ashley Bush

Social Work: Community-Centered Integrative Practice; Nursing


2015 Fellows

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Travel Locations: Chile, South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Spain

Ashley is seeking an adventure that pushes her outside of her homogenous reality and broadens her world view. She hopes to gain a better understanding of her identity and place, while learning how her experiences relate to and differ from those of people across the globe. She looks forward to living in the moment, experiencing the previously unimaginable, trying new foods and enjoying the world’s beauty. She plans to visit Chile, South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Thailand, India and Spain.

Alumni Reflections

What is a favorite memory from your Bonderman?

“I will never forget a trek through the Semien Mountains of Ethiopia, stopping in a village and being a guest in someone’s home for a coffee ritual. In a small yurt, we watched as the beans were roasted and ground and had the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had. And looking back I had a lot of memorable experiences with coffee or tea in each country.”

What are you doing now?

“I’m a clinical social worker in private practice and a semi stay at home parent to a 2 year old. I’m more compassionate, open minded and self aware because of the Bonderman experience. And I’m so much more dedicated to experiencing life and traveling the world than I was before.”