Bonderman Travel Fellowship

August Flanagan

Biochemistry with Departmental Honors


2007 Fellows

Hometown: Ulm, Montana

Travel Locations: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

Flanagan grew up in a small town on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Through his work as an imaging assistant at a medical center he experienced the joy of helping others and interacting with people of different cultures. His experiences made him want to learn more about other cultures, sparked an interest in traveling the world, and focused his interest in pursuing a career as a medical oncologist. August intends to travel to areas of the world with statistically low rates of cancer. He will examine how diet and lifestyle of different cultures affects overall health. He intends to start with Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica before busing through South America. He will then travel to Southeast Asia to finish his journey.