Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Brittany Lichty

English with Departmental Honors


2010 Fellows

Hometown: Longview, WA

Travel Locations: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania

Lichty served as a resident adviser and is a volunteer and tutor in Seattle-area schools. She plans to travel to countries with large groups of dispersed peoples due to conflict. These plans will bring her through Southeast Asia, the Balkans and East Africa. The purpose of her journey is to expand global education and encourage cultural tolerance and understanding. Upon her return to the United States, Lichty wants to expand study abroad programs for community colleges.

Alumni Reflections

What is a favorite memory from your Bonderman?

“While visiting Pula, Croatia in January (the off season, so I was completely alone, the only visitor in town) I stayed at the home of a Professor and his family who allowed me to visit his campus and told me about the education system, his own experience as a Professor and shared his family’s own history and impact of the war. It was an incredible and insightful moment and the entire reason I had decided to travel.”

What are you doing now?

“I am working on The Sims 4, and although my life direction changed greatly from where I thought I would be, my entire life and career have been shaped by my experience. I think about how I want every person across the globe to experience games, play, and entertainment. And personally, I’ve never stopped traveling. My world was so small before I went on my trip, the fellowship opened up opportunities I didn’t even realize were possible or obtainable.”