Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Carrie Rabel



1998 Fellows

Travel Locations: Mexico, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt

Rabel once proclaimed, “If I were to wake up with one magical power, I would make everyone love math. I think math is cool.” Eagerly planning a career as a high school math teacher, Carrie had never considered travel. A Bonderman Fellowship will take Carrie beyond her affinity for the familiar and comfortable to experience the mathematical wonders of the world in both hemispheres. Carrie’s criteria for such ‘wonders’? She selected sites that are historical, not reproducible, and that reflect mathematical principles and approaches to their creation.

Alumni Reflections

How did the Bonderman impact your life?

“Bonderman changed my life in the most profound sense. I discovered a passion for experiencing the world by moving slowly and living in different cultures. In fact, I never really returned “home”: I lived in the Czech Republic, UK and Oman. For the past 17 years I have lived in Perú, raising my three children. I can scarcely imagine my life without traveling with the Bonderman, but all I can think is that it would have been ‘small’.”