Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Chinazom Nwakaego Oleru

Photo of Chinazom

Cultural Studies


2023 Fellows

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Travel Locations: Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, India, South Korea, Japan

Chinazom plans to explore her love and interest for culture and communication in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, India, South Korea, and Japan primarily through aesthetics and fashion. She has always been deeply interested in how individuals and communities express themselves through their clothing, and plans to engage with local artisans and textile makers throughout her travel to learn the histories behind traditional textiles and heritage materials such as kente and kitenge, especially how they have shifted and changed along borders and ancient trade routes. Chinazom hopes through her fellowship travel she is able to intentionally pause, rest, and reflect on how she moves throughout the world, and intends to take full advantage of the opportunity to quite literally chart her own path. Themes she hopes to engage while on her travels include: Afro-futurism and presentism, Eastern visual and aesthetic cultures, indigenous African architectural design, and third-world film cultures.