Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Daniel Stofleth

Photo of Daniel Stofleth



2013 Fellows

Travel Locations: Southeast Asia, Egypt, Israel

Stofleth is interested in understanding how people resolve conflicts, not only between themselves and others, but also within themselves. He will start by experiencing Eastern forms of mindfulness practice (i.e. meditation) by staying in Buddhist monasteries in Southeast Asia, to give him a greater understanding of internal conflict. He will also visit places with pronounced external conflict, such as Egypt and Israel. From his journey he hopes to be able to better understand the relationships between internal and external conflict by approaching it from these two angles.  The Bonderman also offers unseen possibilities, as Danny expressed in his application, “This is what excites me most about the potential the Bonderman offers.  I imagine that the more I travel and the more I learn, the more opportunities will present themselves that I never could have envisioned…”