Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Drew Pierce-Street

Photo of Drew Pierce-Street

Social Work


2020 Fellows

Travel Locations: South America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru; Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Thailand, Laos; India, Nepal

Motivated by her own experiences during adolescence and early adulthood, Drew’s Bonderman journey will center around the intersection of spirituality and resilience. Mindfulness and meditation contribute significantly to her daily life, and she plans to explore cultures that find their roots in these practices. Along with the natural environment, these cultures inspire resilience through acceptance of the present and grace in understanding the past and its implications for the future. Drew plans to immerse herself in the respectful consideration of cultures that continue to influence and shape the lens through which she views the world and her place in it. She will begin her journey in South America visiting Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. She then will spend time traveling through Southeast Asia where she will stay in Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos among other locations. Finally, Drew’s Bonderman journey will conclude in India and Nepal.