Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Fitz Cahall

Communications with College Honors


2001 Fellows

Travel Locations: Australia

Cahall will travel to Australia, using rock climbing to meet people and travel around the country.

Alumni Reflections

How did the Bonderman impact your life?

“Twenty plus years later, I’m surprised by how often I think about the impact that time to wander, often with out seeming purpose other than to me, altered my life. It gave me the courage to try and create a new profession in the form of podcasting and internet media. It instilled a patient persistence of vision that helped me through periods when I might have quit my creative path. I remember fondly… following the bizarre passion of climbing and writing that has turned into a wonderful if not bizarre path through life.”

What are you doing now?

“I write and create in film and podcasting. I’m very grateful people keep giving me money to do that. It’s all sort of surprising. After many years on the road I’ve become a homebody to the Pacific Northwest.”