Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Grace Novacek

Photo of Grace Novacek

Biology with Interdisciplinary Honors



2018 Fellows

Hometown: Downers Grove, IL

Travel Locations: Taiwan, Vietnam, China, South Korea, South Africa, Lesotho, Brazil, Argentina, Chile

Grace is looking to explore the intersection of art, culture, and public space outside of a United States context by visiting Colombia, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. As Grace transitions from academia, she wants to learn the ways in which art can be an agent of social change and a tool for sharing experiences. Grace hopes to use her travels as an opportunity to challenge herself to become a more informed global citizen. Ultimately, Grace is excited to learn and engage more deeply with herself and with others around her.

Alumni Reflections

How did the Bonderman impact your life?

“My Bonderman fellowship enriched my experience with possibility. I think about it all the time! It feels like another lifetime (2019, right before the pandemic), yet the experiences i had grounded me and gave me more confidence, curiosity, empathy, forgiveness, joy, belonging, wonder.”

What are you doing now? What is inspiring you?

“I work at a nonprofit farmers market doing food access work, I am still writing poetry and doing ceramics, I ride my bike to cover more land. I’m inspired by the seasons, the stars, cycles, change, grief, friendship.”