Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Héctor Emanuel Delgado Díaz

Photo of Delgado Diaz Hector

Astronomy & Astrobiology


2021 Fellows

Hometown: Cayey, PR

Travel Locations: Brazil, Suriname, French Guiana, French West Indies, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, India, Angola

During his Bonderman journey, Héctor wants to explore the interconnection between different Latinx cultures and how similar or different they are from his own. He plans to travel to non-Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, where he aims to discover how traditions, history, lifestyle, and other aspects of the culture resonate with him as a Boricua. After visiting Latin America, Héctor will visit countries outside of the Western Hemisphere where Latinx communities have prospered. His goals are to understand the native-immigrants’ relations and reflect on how the US-immigrants’ relations could be improved.