Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Jack Russillo

Photo of Jack Russillo

Communication: Journalism and Public Interest; International Studies


2018 Fellows

Hometown: Eastsound, WA

Travel Locations: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand

For Jack’s fellowship, he will be traveling through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Indonesia to gain a more holistic sense of the world. Along his way, Jack will explore the dramatic landscapes, unique cultures, and traditional practices of the places—from crowded cities to alpine forests to archipelagos—he passes through. As a young international writer, Jack hopes to experience different perspectives throughout his travels, for he believes that no story can be accurately told from a single point of view and that we often have the most to learn from those that are not asked for their opinion.

Alumni Reflections

How did the Bonderman impact your life?

“Raised on a small island in the PNW, the Bonderman Fellowship truly allowed me to see the world and explore my place in it.”

What are you doing now?

“I work for a land trust and help local communities get connected with the land”
Jack Russillo on his Bonderman.

Jack Russillo on his Bonderman.