Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Jada Holliday

Photo of Jada Holliday

Education: Social and Cultural Foundations


2024 Fellows

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Travel Locations: Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Nepal, India, Peru

Jada’s connection to family, found and extended, has created a deep longing to restore story with people. She has long sat at the feet of people she greatly admires and listened to them recount their adventures and moments that changed their lives forever. To explore these places firsthand feels like the culmination of what Cole Arthur Riley calls, the art of becoming. She longs to discover what parts of history live inside her and have been uncovered by her friends and students she’s had the pleasure of knowing for the past couple of years. With the Bonderman, Jada plans to explore the homes of her closest friends, her students, some of whom are embarking on their educational journeys as the first of many in their families, and her parents, grand and greats, who have lived their lives, preserving history that she is hopeful to explore and richly hold closely on this journey.