Bonderman Travel Fellowship

James Schreck

James Schreck 2011



2011 Fellows

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Travel Locations: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, India, Nepal, Lebanon, Spain

Schreck will travel around the Pacific Rim and across Eurasia exploring non-Western performance traditions (such as the Javanese wayang, Madurese loddrok, Japanese Noh and kabuki, the Ilkhom Theatre of Tashkent, and the Yuyachkani company in Lima) and exploring the physical, sonic, and human landscapes of cities, rural areas, and wildernesses. He is particularly excited to make long distance walking journeys in Peru, Chile, and Hokkaido, as he feels that the best way to interact with and learn about a place is at a walking pace. He will also make field audio recordings of theatrical and musical performances, narratives and interviews, and wild places of great solitude and beauty.