Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Joshua House

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Social Work


2024 Fellows

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Travel Locations: Greece, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico

Joshua’s pursuit of the Bonderman Fellowship was ignited by a transformative study abroad experience in Spain during his undergraduate years. There, he formed a profound connection with his host family, transcending cultural barriers of age, race, sexuality, nationality, and political views. Despite these differences, their bond remained unshaken, emphasizing the power of mutual respect and care across diverse backgrounds. This experience ignited Joshua’s passion to seek similar loving connections globally, aiming to challenge norms and foster understanding. His Bonderman journey will take him to places like South Africa and countries in South America, where biracial identities are common, seeking a sense of racial belonging. He plans to explore Greece to trace his grandfather’s ancestry and immerse himself in rich queer communities worldwide. Joshua intends to eschew the typical tourist agenda by staying with host families and hostels, engaging with communities through music, lively drag shows, and festivals.