Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Josie Randles

Photo of Josie Randles

Speech & Hearing Sciences: Language Pathology


2007 Fellows

Travel Locations: Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa

Randles plans to travel throughout Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She look forward to discovering the connections she can make with others in the absence of easy conversation in a common language, and to discovering how social communication varies from culture to culture. The idea of being unable to easily express feelings, wants and needs is frightening. She asks, “How deeply will I be able to connect with others in the absence of a common language? How will it feel to spend nearly a year cut off and removed from the interactions and communication with others that I am accustomed to? How will this experience change who I am, the plans I have for my life, and by extension the relationships that I have with others?”