Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Katrina Claw

Photo of Katrina Claw

Genome Sciences


2013 Fellows

Travel Locations: Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, China, South Africa, Peru

Claws’s journey will reflect a theme of relatedness and indigeneity, from an indigenous and genetic prospective. As a Diné (Navajo) woman, Claw has long been inspired to think critically about how scientific work in genetics/genomics is affected by ethical, legal, and social issues around the world and vice versa.  She desires to experience work and presence through a global lens and with the intention of creating positive change.  Her trip will take her to many countries, including, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, China, South Africa, and Peru; and she knows that her Bonderman fellowship journey will provide her the unique opportunity to connect with other indigenous populations around the world and hopefully to inspire others to explore their world and seek novelty.