Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Kevin Tsuchida

Photo of Kevin Tsuchida

Civil Engineering with Interdisciplinary Honors


2013 Fellows

Travel Locations: Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Jordan, Turkey

Kevin looks forward to experiencing and understanding these cultures by using art as a lens, partaking in traditional dishes, pursuing an interest in filming and photography, and reflecting on all his thoughts and ideas in a journal. After considering the culinary, visual, and literary arts, he would like to return home more inspired to express his own creative side, drawing from all that these countries have to offer, and hopes to be able to encourage the same inspiration in others.

Alumni Reflections

What’s a favorite memory from your Bonderman experience?

“Obviously the street food in Bangkok is incredible, but I found plenty of unexpected opportunities all over Zambia. Once, I snuck a triple decker pizza into Guardians of the Galaxy, and another time I found a Chinese restaurant in the back of warehouse on a fairgrounds. After I ordered wonton soup and dumplings, the waiter replied “oh, soft things!””

What are you doing now?

“In general trying to constantly improve my work, hobbies, and daily routine to be more beneficial for the environment and my community.”

Kevin cooking in Bangkok on his Bonderman
Kevin cooking a meal in Bangkok on his Bonderman.