Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Kirby Callaway

Photo of Kirby Callaway

Public Administration: Environmental Policy


2018 Fellows

Travel Locations: Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Indonesia

Through her Bonderman travels, Kirby will explore communities that have in the past or are currently experiencing land conversion, specifically those that have a wealth of forests and other natural resources. She is interested in observing how land conversion impacts communities, and how people balance economic development with natural resource conservation. Kirby aims to build personal connections in the places she travels to supplement her professional and academic understanding of many of these countries. She hopes to use creative forms of expression such as writing and photography to not only build connections with others, but to reflect on how her travels shift her values and interests internally. Kirby’s itinerary includes Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Alumni Reflections

How did the Bonderman impact your life?

“Overall, I feel like a more global, empathetic, confident person than I did before the Bonderman. I am able to understand and connect with people from a broad range of cultures. I feel like I can withstand uncertainty better than many of my peers… I owe much of my wisdom and self-love to my year of travel.”

What are you doing now?

“I’m working for the Government Accountability Office… I’m so happy with the person I’ve become since doing the Bonderman, I think my ‘traveler’ mindset is beneficial even when I’m stuck in one place, and I trust I have many adventures ahead in my life!”