Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Logan Windish

Photo of Logan Windish

Design: Industrial Design

Minor in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)


2021 Fellows

Hometown: Sumner, WA

Travel Locations: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uganda, South Africa, Lesotho

Logan has chosen a bicycle as his tool to literally and figuratively break down barriers, cross borders, and engage with the world around him. He continues to cling to the hope that at our core there still exists a common humanity. To witness the oneness within our diversity was a driving factor in his choice of countries. Recognizing that he daily wakes up in a place where he is the majority, he anticipates that this trip will, in many ways, challenge his preconceived notions and sentiments about the world. But he truly believes that if we seek out unique perspectives, different ways of seeing the world, and living in it, we’ll be changed for the better. Therefore, he’s beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to test this belief by traveling the world for eight months!