Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Melissa Guzman

Photo of Melissa Guzman

Law, Societies, and Justice; Psychology


2018 Fellows

Hometown: Othello, WA

Travel Locations: India, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina, Peru, Chile

While at the UW Melissa has discovered her love for traveling and learning about other cultures. She first set her eye on the Bonderman Fellowship her sophomore year, and is beyond excited to have been selected as a recipient. While traveling, she plans to explore the cultural variation of gratitude. Her hope is to learn about how people across cultures express, understand, and interpret gratitude; and that through her experiences she can expand her own capacity for gratitude. She is eager to explore the world and challenge her beliefs about herself and grow to be more independent and adventurous throughout her journey. Melissa’s travel will include Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Chile, Indonesia, and Samoa.

Alumni Reflections

How did the Bonderman impact your life?

“The Bonderman changed my life completely — it opened my eyes to the world, in the realest form. It forced me to mature, be open-minded, and flexible. I would not be the passionate and adventurous person I am today without it. I’m very grateful for the Bonderman Fellowship.”

What are you doing now? What is inspiring you?

“I am teaching English in Vietnam. Travel is still inspiring, learning about Vietnamese culture, and creative endeavors inspire me… I am still traveling — 4 years after the Bonderman. I’ve created a lifestyle that allows me to experience new places and worlds, and it is possible to do so.”