Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Michael Light

Photo of Michael Light

Social Work; Certificate in Global Health


2012 Fellows

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

Travel Locations: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, India, South Africa, Rwanda

Light’s journey will honor national days of independence and remembrance in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, India, South Africa and Rwanda, which share a history of colonialism that has oppressed people and claimed lives. His goal along the way is to develop a deeper appreciation for the power of human resiliency in resisting oppression so that he can become a more effective and principled actor in his work toward global health and justice.

Alumni Reflections

How did the Bonderman impact your life?

“I have a love of being alone, with myself. I have a way to connect with people from many places in the world. I have a better sense of myself and my own cultural frameworks. I have friends from around the world. I have experiences that inform my sense of the world and my worldview. I have a deep sense of grief from discovering and then leaving places and people that helps me better understand love and a shared sense of humanity. And I have some killer photos.”

What are you doing now? What is inspiring you?

“I’m a social worker supporting people without housing who have serious and life limiting illness. I help run a training center at UW and teach healthcare professionals how to communicate with patients and their important people. I partner in research to help tell stories about the experiences of the people I work with. I seek novelty in life experiences in a way that Bonderman may have ruined me for but I still seek it. I travel often and try to remember the person I was as a global solo traveler—that person still inspires me.”
Photo of Michael Light on his Bonderman

Michael Light on his Bonderman