Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Rocio Mendoza

Photo of Rocio Mendoza

Education: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


2008 Fellows

Hometown: La Puente, CA

Travel Locations: Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Nepal, India, Egypt, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia

The countries Rocio selected to for her travel itinerary range dramatically in language, culture and economy, but what they all have in common is the deep historical traditions of religion and spirituality in some of the most beautiful regions in the world. From Buddhism in Daegu, South Korea to Santeria in Bahia, Brazil, her underlying purpose through these countries will be to understand different forms of meditation and prayer for reflection. She looks forward to learning about herself as she arrives at each destination, adapting to changes and being proactive and finding alternative routes. As a future educator, this travel will not only provide global perspective to help better communicate with students from different backgrounds and experiences, but also empower other students to seek travel opportunities.