Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Roxana Norouzi

Photo of Roxana Norouzi

Social Work: Community-Centered Integrative Practice


2010 Fellows

Hometown: Kirkland, WA

Travel Locations: Middle East, Latin America, East Africa

As an advocate for immigrant rights, Norouzi has spent many years as a housing advocate for immigrant families in crisis. She has volunteered for a women’s empowerment microfinance organization in rural India and has researched immigrant youth’s experiences of racism in public schools. With the Bonderman Fellowship, Norouzi plans to travel to the Middle East, East Africa and Latin America, regions of the world that have undergone socio-political and economic turmoil which have instigated migration trends. “My journey will be framed by my work with vulnerable populations, utilizing relationship building and human connection as a way to cultivate healing and growth, both for myself and those I meet during my travels,” she said. “I hope to honor the people I meet on my journey by folding their stories into my future life, career, understanding of the world and who I am as a person.”