Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Samantha Murphy

Photo of Samantha Murphy

Aquatic & Fishery Sciences with Departmental Honors


2016 Fellows

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Travel Locations: Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Mexico

Travel Objectives: Sam is a passionate marine enthusiast who revels in the natural beauty of the outdoors. Interested in marine science and ecosystem conservation, she hopes to explore cultures with ties to the ocean and experience its influence from the perspective of others. Regions where conscientious eco-tourism has been successfully implemented are of particular interest. She hopes that leaving her comfortable Northwest bubble will challenge her beliefs, expose her to new sights, tastes, and experiences, and open her up to new shared adventures with strangers from around the globe. She will travel to Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, and Mexico.