Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Samuel Roller

Photo of Samuel Roller

Middle East Studies


2023 Fellows

Travel Locations: Paraguay, Bolivia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Nepal, the Philippines

When traveling to Paraguay, Bolivia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Nepal, and the Philippines, Samuel hopes to gain new perspectives on social life and relationships with nature across diverse cultural and physical landscapes. Additionally, he hopes to explore new languages and learn to understand and appreciate the linguistic mosaic of dialects in Arabic and Spanish, which he has previously studied. Along the way, Samuel plans to push himself by taking on unique and rewarding challenges that teach him to live with purpose and deepen his experiences with different places, environments, and people. By the time of his return, Samuel hopes to have found new friends and memories around the world and to have removed many of the layers of mediation which often obstruct our relationship with the wider world.

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that Samuel Roller passed away in August 2023 before departing on his Bonderman Fellowship. 

In memoriam